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Born March 29, 1937 in Amsterdam. Graduated from the Amsterdam Conservatory in 1961, majoring in clarinet and composition. Studied clarinet with Bram de Wilde and composition with Ton de Leeuw. Played in the Netherlands Wind Ensemble and substituted in the Concertgebouw Orchestra. Received a scholarship to Yale University in 1961, majoring in clarinet and composition. Studied clarinet with Keith Wilson and composition with Mel Powell. Graduated with a Master of Music degree in 1963. Played solo clarinet in the Connecticut Symphony Orchestra (1962-1965). Studied composition at Tanglewood with Roger Sessions in 1966. Taught at Brandon University in Manitoba, Canada. Was professor of clarinet and composition (1965-1971). Conducted the Brandon Chamber Orchestra and performed at CBC Radio. Taught at the Alberta Summer Festival. Played in the Banff Festival Orchestra. Took sabbatical leave to Holland in 1971 to study at the Institute for Sonology of the University of Utrecht. Taught at the Enschede, Arnhem, and Groningen Conservatories (1972-1990), teaching clarinet, composition, contemporary music, and ensembles. Founded the Rosetti Woodwind Quintet, played many live and radio concerts in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, and France. Toured in the USA five times. Played with thte Quartetto di Fiati, Ensemble '80, and the Circle Ensemble. Promoted contemporary music and toured in Poland, Hungary, Russia, and the Czech Republic. Composed works for many combinations. Received commissions from the Fund of the Amsterdam Arts and the Ministry of Culture. Published by Donemus.